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Welcome to our pH Collective Blog – a place for tips, for inspiration, and for motivation. 

pH Collective was founded when Holly Peters and Jian Huang decided to put the first letters of their last names together over lunch one day. 

We started out as co-workers many years ago at a boutique agency in Los Angeles. Through working together, we found that we had many shared interests – we both liked cooking videos, we made our own hair conditioners, and we liked to collaborate with new talents and ideas. We also found that we had similar backgrounds, that we cared deeply about doing socially conscious projects, and that we wanted to find a balanced way to both live and work. 

Fast forward to today and we are living our dreams as co-founders of pH Collective. We work with a diverse team from around the world supporting clients who do an array of good for people and communities across the country. We love what we do because we can take it wherever we go – whether that be in the city, on a beach, or on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

The way we work reflects our desire to stay in balance with our world, balance with our work, and balance with ourselves. We will be sharing a lot more about that in future posts. We hope you enjoy!

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