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pH Collective is a socially conscious creative agency founded by Holly Peters and Jian Huang.

We became fast friends while working for another company with Holly leading design and Jian leading communication. While our skillsets were complementary, we found that we also had a similar goal — do a good job, for people doing good work. That was the start of pH Collective.

As our business evolved over the years, we have also grown. Today, pH Collective is a reflection of both our work philosophies as well as our personal journeys of seeking balance with the world, balance with our work, and balance within ourselves.

In marketing, the traditional focus has been on attaining external goals at the expense of the business’ core. Our experience however has taught us that patchwork solutions will only lead to more problems. At pH Collective, we take a balanced approach of results-driven work with a strong internal process. We find that when the internal is balanced, the rest will follow.



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