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5 Ways To Manage Your Instagram

Instagram is a terrific tool to engage new users, but it can also get overwhelming very fast. Here are some tools that we have implemented ourselves to help us to manage multiple accounts with ease. 

  1. Plan Your Content – Especially if you manage multiple accounts or work with many departments within your company, creating a content calendar can save you a lot of time in the long run. Using a simple document or a spreadsheet, list the 1) image 2) caption 3) date to post and 4) corresponding tags and hashtags. With a little extra work up front, you’ll be surprised at how it eases your workflow. 
  2. Link It To Facebook – Save time in posting by linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account. Not only will you have access to “auto-post” to Facebook whenever you post something to Instagram, you will also be able to use Facebook’s new “Meta Suite” to schedule posts in advance on both platforms. 
  3. Planoly – There are many scheduling tools on the market, but the one we absolutely love is Planoly. At about $11 a month, this tool offers both visual ease in scheduling and tracking content, as well as scheduling content to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well. Get 50% off your first month by using our affiliate link:
  4. Canva – Not a designer but need a colorful graphic fast for Instagram? If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, then you’re missing out. Basic accounts are free (yes free!), but there is a pro version as well with features like transparent backgrounds, additional templates, and premium images. Use our affiliate link:
  5. Branded Story Background – Take some of the guesswork out of Stories by creating a blank branded story background ahead of time. From there, easily add images and interactive elements like Polls and Locations within the Instagram app. We use it all the time on our page

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